Environment and Society


A vision for a sustainable future

Protecting the environment, looking after our employees and communities, and monitoring our supply chain, while ensuring our business is managed through a strong governance framework is the only way we can make our business sustainable for the long-term. It is also the right thing to do.

At Accrol we challenge, and we add value. Our ESG approach is no different.

Whilst we take some pride in where we are today, we know we can go further. So, we have a clear set of environmental, social and governance criteria to work towards.

Clear aims, guided by our values

Our ESG report outlines our aspirations and priorities, and how we’ll get there. It’s simple, authentic and ours.

Delivery against our aims are guided by our values. Our clearly defined aspirations make us focus on what we need to deliver and stay honest as to whether we’ve done what we set out to do.


Guiding principles

Here are our ESG guiding principles. We’ll report on our progress each year. Our ESG aspirations and priorities are embedded into our business plans and owned by our team.

Every action we take has a consequence and, we want to make sure our actions count in the most positive way possible for all.