Environment and Society


A vision for a sustainable future

At Accrol we challenge, and we add value. Our ESG approach is no different
Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) vision is:

  • To be a carbon neutral business
  • That improves the lives of its people and communities
  • Working in partnership with our suppliers
  • Delivering sustainable products to customers and consumers
  • And delivering consistent results to our investors

We have a clear set of criteria to work towards and our ESG report outlines the direction and progress we’re making.

ESG reporting

Read our latest ESG highlights below…

For more information on our ESG highlights, read our latest annual report.

We launched our maiden ESG report in 2021.

You can read our 2022 ESG report here.

Our report includes our clearly defined aspirations. The report enables ESG to become even more integral to how we do business.

The way in which we run our business, support our employees, minimise our impact on the environment and support the local communities we operate from continues to evolve and build momentum.

It enables us to stay focused on long-term, sustainable commercial success not just short-term return.
It’s inspiring colleagues, protecting the environment, generating financial returns and making us a more attractive business to work with.

Guiding principles

Here are our ESG guiding principles. 

We report on our progress each year. Our ESG aspirations and priorities are embedded into our business plans and owned by our team.

Every action we take has a consequence and, we want to make sure our actions count in the most positive way possible for all.