Manufacturers of soft tissue products

Investment programme

Accrol have a continuous policy of investment in plant and machinery. In 2011-12 we are committed to spending over £15 million to improve product quality and service.


Accrol has the capacity to convert in excess of 60,000 tonnes of tissue per annum. We can produce over 1 million toilet rolls and over 500,000 kitchen rolls every day.


View the production process

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  • Tissue storage
    The large rolls of tissue are stored in a moisture and temperature controlled environment to ensure they are in prime condition for the production process.
  • Production hall
    The production process is handled in the main hall where we have 10 production lines.
  • Automated cores production
    There are numerous continuous automatic production processes. This one produces the inner cores.
  • Web-feed winding machines
    The web-feed winding machines can process rolls to any specified length and width.
  • Rolls being cut
    Rolls are cut to the lengths required ready for branded wrapping.
  • Rolls passing through control systems
    Quality control systems are used extensively throughout the process.
  • Rolls to any width and thickness
    We can produce rolls to any specified length and width.
  • Investment in new technologies
    To achieve maximum production rates we have an investment policy that ensures our technology is always up-to-date.
  • Wrappers applied
    We can design wrappers for you or we can use your own branding.
  • Rolls stacked and boxed ready for the customer
    Branded packages are stacked and boxed ready for storage or distribution.

Mini centre feed toilet rolls

Blue toilet rolls

Hand towels