Shareholder Information

Shares In Issue

Number of shares in issue: 195,246,536

Major Shareholders

As of 8 February 2019, significant shareholdings in the share capital of Accrol Group Holdings plc were:

Name Number of Ordinary Shares % of issued Ordinary Shares
NorthEdge Capital 27,487,377 14.08%
Schroder Investment Management 17,270,000 8.85%
Standard Life Aberdeen plc 12,968,175 6.64%
Ruffer LLP 11,400,000 5.84%
Miton Group plc 8,611,350 4.41%
InterTrader Limited 7,330,030 3.75%
Jeesr Industries 7,143,000 3.66%
Majid Hussain* 4,652,590 2.38%
Wajid Hussain* 4,652,590 2.38%
Mozam Hussain* 4,646,621 2.38%

* These three shareholders are brothers who are interested, in aggregate, in 7.2% of the Ordinary Share Capital

Directors’ Shareholdings

Director Number of Ordinary Shares % of issued Ordinary Shares
Daniel Patrick Wright 3,077,808 1.58%
Gareth Paul Jenkins 610,000 0.31%


Shares not in public hands

In the terms of AIM rules an insofar as it is aware, at 8 February 2019, 15.53% of the Company’s AIM securities were not in public hands.

Restrictions in transfer of AIM securities

There are no restrictions on the transfer of Accrol Group Holdings plc securities.

Other exchanges and trading platforms

Accrol Group Holdings plc has not applied to or agreed to have any of its securities (including its AIM securities) admitted or traded on any other exchange or trading platforms.

UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers

As an AIM traded UK registered company, Accrol Group Holdings plc is subject to the UK City Code on Takeovers and Mergers legislation.

Last Updated: 8 February 2019